Friday, May 1, 2015

Van Helsing vs Vampires

In the movie Van Helsing, Van Helsing is a man that hunts vampires and other creatures like, the Frankenstein monster. He falls in love with this woman, Anna, who also hunts vampires, and goes on a crusade to kill Count Dracula. Like Bisclavret, he is well respected by any higher up authorities. What Anna, and his companion don't know is that he is cursed and has to disappear from sight when then night of a full moon. One scene specifically is when he is fighting Dracula as a Werewolf, and Anna gets in the way. Like Bisclavret he acknowledges that Anna is Anna in his animal form and stops himself from attacking her. But, his animal side overpowers at one point during the fight and she tries to intervene and ends up killing her. Van Helsing realizes how much animal he has inside of him, making him seclude himself at the end of the movie. Like Bisclavret he is afraid of what he turns into when he transforms into a werewolf.

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