Thursday, May 21, 2015

"The Jaguar" and "A Second Glance at a Jaguar"

In "The Jaguar" all of the zoo animals are being portrayed as lazy, yawning and lying still in the sun. The sun is beating down in the animals consuming their energy. But, when the jaguar is being described, it is hurrying and moving around the cage. He seems to have a fire inside of him fueling him instead of consuming him. He has not accepted his captivity like the rest of the zoo animals, but rather, "there's no cage to him more than to the visionary his cell." He seems to have hope about a different life and even though his physical body is confined, his soul and mind are not contained within the cell.
In "A Second Glance at a Jaguar" the physical movement of the jaguar is described more compared to in "The Jaguar" which focuses more on the cats internal thoughts. In "A Second Glance at a Jaguar" the jaguar is described as powerful and ready to make a kill, but being in a cage has taken a toll on the animal. The jaguar is described as "going on like a prayer-wheel, the head dragging forward, the body keeping up, the hind legs lagging." There is nothing stimulating in the cage for the jaguar and he is described as a machine just going through the motions. But, his internal instincts are strong and would take over in any situation, similar to the jaguar in the "The Jaguar" who is still in touch with his wild side.

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