Friday, May 29, 2015

The Crane Wife

My favorite story from this year was the Crane Wife which we read early in the quarter. I found this one the most interesting because of its ability to incorporate issues of speciesism and misogyny in a way that still utilized beautiful imagery and a plot line that appeals to a large audience. The story was very accessible because of the author's manner in which he linked the world of humans with that of animals. The way in which the crane wife gave herself completely to the husband when she spun her initial sail as dowry was a beautiful connection that the two shared. Then as the story develops, the author incorporates misogyny when the husband begins to exploit the crane wife for her sail making ability. The complex relationship that animals and humans shared in this story was in a sense motivational and inspiring. In other words, the way in which the man had all that he loved taken away from his because he exploited the wife was particularly eye opening: It shows the reader that if the only goal of a relationship is to get something from the other person in a selfish and non loving way, then the relationship simply cannot survive. This story was very versatile and enjoyable and I am glad that we were able to incorporate it into our study.

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