Sunday, May 17, 2015

Emptiness and Capture

A) Analyze the first translation of "The Panther" (by Cottrell) and contrast it with your reading of the second, which we went over in class. How do the differences in how it is worded/translated affect the poem's overall meaning and impact on the reader? Support with textual evidence.

In the first translation, Cottrell portrays the Panther as empty. There are alot of words that describe emptiness in the first translation, such as "empty, nothing, numb". There are some words that parallel with the 2nd translation, but Cottrell's interpretation makes the panther seem more empty than caged. The wording within the first translation doesn't necessarily emphasize his capture but moreso his emptiness and disillusionment. 

In the second translation, Kline relies heavily on the image of capture and subjugation. The second translation gives the panther the notion that it seems to be suffering more and in pain. It gives the impression of a panther who wants to escape and live its life to the fullest, but can't because of the "thousand bars". 

I think the second translation gives the idea that the panther loses its identity and loses its meaning over the course of the poem. The first translation gives more of the idea that the panther is more empty and a little bit depressed. 

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