Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another look at the Jaguar

The "Second Glance at the Jaguar" is characterized by a very different use of language than the original "Jaguar" piece. The imagery in the former is much more brutal and barbaric sounding. Instead of focusing on the internal freedom of the jaguar, the animal is portrayed as a machine. The animal is "Carrying his head like a brazier of spilling embers" whereas in the first Jaguar piece, the animal was described as having a "stride of wilderness and freedom". Also in the original Jaguar story, the entire zoo is described rather than just the one animal. The second glance paints the jaguar as a creature from hell that is very much just an engine. The grace that was associated with the jaguar in the original is now gone, replaced by crude verbiage and intense images of brutality. The second glance does nothing to analyze what the jaguar's mental state is as is discussed in the first story. The second glance suggests that the free minded animal from the first story is actually just another dangerous predator from which fear should arise. The two stories do share the similarity of describing the jaguar as a very powerful creature, unable to  be contained by zoo or underworld or cage. By combining the different views from each story, a fairly full picture of the true jaguar inside and out as perceived by onlookers and prey is realized. No matter which story you look at, it is very clear that this animal is not one with which people should mess.

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