Friday, May 15, 2015

Elephant Abuse in Thailand

I recently stumbled across a very touching video that demonstrates the cruelty that Elephants are exposed to in Thailand. The video was created by Wildlife Friends of Thailand, which aims to rescue wild animals from unfair treatment and cruelty, prevent hunting and promote conservation of all types of wild life, and to educate the general public to stop cruelty towards animals. 
In 2012, there are 2000 wild elephants and 4000 captive Elephants in Thailand. The captive Elephants in Thailand are primarily used for tourism but they must be subjugated to abuse in order for them to become docile. The Elephants are beaten, stabbed, and are spiritually broken before they are forced to go to the cities to perform tricks for tourists. The treatment of these elephants reminded me of the movie Dumbo that Professor Frocerro showed us during lecture. The abuse that the carnival owners displayed to dumbo was on par with the abuse that is given to these real life beings.

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