Friday, May 1, 2015

Wizards vs Werewolves

In a episode of Wizards the Waverly Place, the main character Alex likes a guy. However, Alex notices that he is always gone before the evening ends. Alex is suspicious to find out why he keeps leaving and he follows him. She discovers that the guy she likes is a werewolf. This episode was interesting because the couple continued dating because they were both different from the rest of the world. Alex did not care that she was dating a werewolf because she was also a wizard. Normally, people would be terrified by a creature who is thought to be malicious and beastly like. In the end, the guy turns into a werewolf for ever and can no longer date Alex.

In "Bisclavret," The character was a human who transformed into a werewolf and could not turn back to a human until he has all of his clothes. His wife discovers that he is a werewolf and takes is clothes away. Similarly to the Disney show, the characters become a werewolf for a long period. In the Disney show, the human and werewolf can no longer be together, but Bisclavret lives among the humans. Bisclavret proves to the humans that he is a loyal person and can even protect the people. Today, werewolves are still thought as loyal creatures, but they continue to be furrocious animals. 

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