Friday, May 15, 2015

Mercy For Animals

Mercy for Animals is an organization that aims to expose the cruelty of animals that happens within the meat industry and promote compassion and respect for farm animals. This animal rights nonprofit produces undercover investigations that records the treatment of animals in farms. Founder Nathan Runkle (the man speaking in the video) describes the cruelty of farm animals as "absolutely heartbreaking," stating that the animals live in "misery, fear, and deprivation." By creating undercover videos, Mercy for Animals introduces the horrifying reality of the mistreatment of animals that are kept hidden from the public. In an interview, Runkle explains that "animals are unique individals who experience fear, loneliness, pleasure, and joy in much the same way as we do." He then claims that animal long for "freedom and compassion."
In other words, Runkle is drawing a comparison of animals and humans, mentioning that both animals and humans are living beings with a mental state of emotions. Like Bentham, Runkle believes that there should be compassion for animals because they can experience suffering and pain. The explicit content released by Mercy for Animals demonstrates that animals are often mistreated and hurt, which goes against the claim of the worker in Spiegel's interview that animals in the slaughterhouse live happy lives.

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