Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Animal Cruelty in Animal Shelters

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Most people would assume workers in animal shelters would treat animals with kindness and a lot of care, but according to an article from NBC News, the Toronto Humane Society is accused of animal cruelty. They may be known for their low rate of euthanasia, but this affects how they treat the animals who are still alive and suffering. Too many animals are crammed together in small spaces and sick animals are neglected and end up dying in their cages because the workers are unaware of the animals' health and needs. It is worse to let an animal live in pain and suffering than just ending its life in peace.

What caught my attention in this article is the statement, "When cities and counties are struggling financially, a lot of times, animal control is at the bottom of their list of priorities.” This shows that humans put their own needs above the needs of animals. When people are struggling financially, they place themselves before others. Because people do not depend on animals that live in animal shelters, there is no need for them to care about those animals. Only the humans who have compassion for animals would make sure animals get the care they deserve.

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