Thursday, May 21, 2015

Behind The Bars

The first translation of “The Panther” suggests that all the panther can see are the bars in front of him, as if there was no life outside of these bars. The panther takes long and large strides around the cage as if he is full of power, yet he is numb to all of it. Every now and then a quick burst of awareness passes by him, and for a moment he knows where he is and what is happening. Soon after it comes it goes, and the awareness he once had dies and he is left numb again.

In the second translation of “The Panther” the panther is not aware of his captivity at all. To him, there is absolutely no world outside of those bars. His pace is more soft, yet still powerful, compared to the first translation of the panther. He walks in small conservative and shy circles rather than large strides like the first panther. In this translation the panther never has any recognition of where he is or the fact that there is life outside of the bars. The images that enter through his eyes quickly leave and he is left with little to no hope.

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