Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Am I Blue?

The short story "Am I Blue?" highlights the complex relationship between humans and animals due to the anthropomorphic properties it possesses. The goal of this writing style is to convey the emotions of sadness and anger from the horse to the humans that display speciesism by denying Blue many key elements for a horse's happiness. Taking away his mate after only a short time meant devastation for Blue and, to him, signified that his life had lost purpose. The audience connects with Blue because they understand what sadness, anger, and confusion feel like and know the pain associated with those emotions. This makes the audience pity the horse for the awful experiences he goes through. This spawns thoughts about what all animals are feeling about things humans view and humane and normal and whether they should continue the practice. For added measure the author also includes a comparison of losing his mate to that of a slave losing their partner to death or the slave trade. This examples also permits the audience to understand the pain the horse felt at that moment and this allows the institution of horse-owning to be questioned.

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