Friday, May 29, 2015

"The Snake" by DH Lawrence

In the poem "The Snake" by DH Lawrence, I can relate well with the man in the story. I feel that my reaction toward the snake would be similar. I wouldn't want to "kill" the snake, but I would definitely want to "get rid of it". In my case it is out of fear that the snake would hurt me. Ironically, similar to the author, I feel that though the snake could hurt me, I feel like I could hurt it more because I am superior. This perspective would be considered speciesisism.

I also think that the man and the snake have a very interesting relationship. According to DH Lawrence, the snake is indifferent to the man's presence (which gives off the feeling that the snake does not regard the human to be important. On the other hand, the man is conflicted about how he should react to the snake. In general, I see that the relationship portrayed between the snake and the man is unique.

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