Friday, May 22, 2015

Animal Welfare Act

I really enjoyed reading this article for a few reasons.
1) It ties in with the Animal Testing video we watched on Wednesday
2) it ties in with some of the stories that we've read that questioned do animals deserve the same rights as humans?
The quote that specifically made me think of "Is a Dolphin a Person", was "As animals have no capacity for laws or moral judgement, I do not believe that they deserve equal rights to humans; but I do believe that they deserve equal treatment". Midgley constantly questions what exactly is a person, where do we draw the line, can they talk, can they reason? I feel like this article kind of questions the same ideas. At the end of the article, the writer even mentions morality and how this treatment of animals is unethical and as does Midgley at the end of "Is a Dolphin a Person". She says, "We seem to have reached the situation where the law will have to be changed, because it shocks morality". This article isnt just an article, its actually a petition to "End Animal Testing Once and For All- Amend the Animal Welfare Act". So, if you support ending animal testing I highly recommend signing the petition. I have attached the link below.

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