Friday, May 8, 2015

Farm Animal Welfare at Risk

In this article, the well-being of the animals lives are not at question, only how much profit is being made. Cows, pigs, lambs, and many other animals are now being scientifically engineered to do things that their bodies don't naturally do such as, cows giving birth to not the usual one calf, but two or three in the same pregnancy. The scientific engineering of these animals are making the death tolls rise, and the conditions for these animals to live in unsafer. Pigs, that usually have up to 8 babies, are now birthing up too 14, in environments that can only hold up to 8 pigs. The uncomfortable space causes many deformities in these newborn animals, and also the scientific engineered animals have been susceptible to many birth defects, and being weak. Coyotes are now a growing problem since they have a food source where they can easily obtain and eat these animals. Throughout the article, they, explain why pigs, cows, and lambs giving birth to multiple animals rapidly is putting stress on the animals lives, and how they are overseeing it by saying these animals all died of natural causes, such as pneumonia.

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