Friday, May 15, 2015

Petition against Fur Farming

I received an email this week from about a Zoo in the city of Deadwood who charges $20 for 20 minutes for  petting zoo made up of wolves. I can't attach the email but I can attach some quotes from the petition. Here is a quote explaining how the petting zoo is just a scheme to make more money. "The wolf pups are trotted out for cute photos. Once the pups are too old to for the “pet-and-plays,” they will be transported back to Minnesota and eventually killed for their fur. The truth is “Fur-ever Wild” is just a side business of a fur farm. Before they make money on the furs of the animals, they exploit them for more profit at these petting zoos." The prompt asked us in what ways is the article criticizing the mistreatment of animals and I think the quote below answers perfectly. "A business model built on breeding animals for such a fate in inhumane and should be stopped. Together we can stop “Fur-ever Wild” from expanding and send a message to similar businesses their time is up." The email then ends with asking me to sign the petition. I will because though I am not a vegetarian I do believe animals can suffer and do not deserve to be raised solely for their fur and to make a profit. 

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