Thursday, May 7, 2015

Animal Testing Role Reversal

I remember seeing a movie or TV show years ago that depicted a role reversal of animal testing. A man was tied down on an operating table with giant rabbits looming over him running tests. At one point they restrain his head and inject his eye with a needle while he is awake and watching. It really shows how cruel testing is and the clip is really hard to watch. Alas I could not find the name of the film/show or a clip. But an extensive google search revealed a clip from a movie where a man is experiment on by aliens instead. The clip captures the same horror of the original, and really puts the audience in the shoes of a test animal; the physical horror of the tests, and the psychological horror of not knowing the motive or methods of the beings testing the subject.

Warning the clip is kind of graphic but there is no shot of the needle actually entering the eye.

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