Friday, May 1, 2015

Bisclavret and Red Riding Hood

     In the movie Red Riding Hood (2011), the audience is taken back to what appears to be England (or some other European country) during the middle ages. The story takes on the classic view that people had of werewolves back in that day. Werewolves could live amongst the villagers and appear to be normal and human, but during the full moon they would turn into their werewolf form. Werewolves could only be killed with silver and they could not walk on holy ground, such as a church. They believe that when a werewolf dies it returns to its human form.They also believed that during the blood moon week "A man bitten is a man cursed"; if someone was bit by a werewolf they would not die but be cursed and become a werewolf as well. Anyone who dabbled in the dark arts or was a witch was assumed to be affiliated with werewolves.
     In this particular movie, the werewolf goes on a rampage through the village, killing all those that got in his way of getting what he wanted (which was to bite his daughter during the Blood Moon so she could continue their family's bloodline of werewolves). This is very similar to how in Bisclavret the "garwolf" (werewolf) is described:"...a ferocious beast which, when possessed by this madness, devours men, causes great damage and dwells in vast forests.”However, a big difference is that in Bisclavret he was able to live amongst the King and his people in "relative" peace in his werewolf form. When he did attack, they assumed there was a logical reason for why he did so unlike in the movie where they considered the werewolf a beast that killed because he could (even though he had a reason for killing each person and they weren't random). Also, in Bisclavret the baron would be a werewolf for 3 days out of each week while in the movie the only time the human could turn into werewolf form was during a full moon. Another important distinction is that for the baron to return to human form, he must put on human clothing but for the werewolf in the movie to return to human form, the night must end and the sun must be out.

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