Friday, May 8, 2015

Johnson & Johnson on Animal Testing

The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies is known for creating health care products such as Listerine, Neosporin, Tylenol, and much more. The company is the world's sixth-largest consumer health company and world's fifth-largest pharmaceuticals company. Johnson & Johnson claims that the use of animals is important in the development of products and is necessary to ensure that their products are safe and effective. In addition, they justify that they use alternatives to animal testing and will only use animals when the alternatives do not yield enough pre-clinical data that is mandated by the government to bring new products to the market. Although animals are used in their research, Johnson & Johnson follows their "3R" principles, "replacement- substituting alternative non-animal systems in place of live animal utilization wherever possible, reduction- using the fewest number of animals possible, and refinement- developing procedures that limit the potential for discomfort to animals." When researching and testing, the Company is committed to the responsibility of the humane treatment and care of animals in the laboratory. The Company strives to be as ethical as possible by constantly monitoring the Animal Welfare Act and having all their research protocols verified by Ethical Committees. In most cases, the animals used will be purpose-bred animals which are born under controlled conditions, specifically raised for testing.
Unlike Descartes, the Johnson & Johnson Company believes that animals testing is necessary only for medical advancements and research, not solely because animals have no true feelings and knowledge. The Company understands the welfare of animals and aims to treat the animals they work with with as much care as possible. However, because the Company uses purpose-bred animals, they are treating those animals as objects that are created to only be tested on. Although the Company has many guidelines on being cruelty-free on animals, by mentioning that they try to use purpose-bred animals, they are in some way supporting Descartes claim that animals are just machines.

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