Friday, May 1, 2015

Wulfen of 40k

In the science fiction universe of "Warhammer 40K" exists a chapter genetically modified human soldiers who are notorious for their canine appearance. The organization is named the Space Wolves and their mutation is due to their tainted genetic modification. Some special members go through an even more dramatic change in the heat of battle and become Wulfen, werewolves of the 41st millennium. They become savage and bloodthirsty, but also become more resilient to dark magics of dimensional demons. Still loyal to their Emperor, they continue fighting their battle.
Both in the Wulfen and Bisclavert there is a certain degree of purity in the savagery of lycanthropy. Though wild and savage by the standards of their peers, with their beastial form comes an enhanced sense of loyalty, akin to a tamer hound. Both types on werewolf remain loyal to their king and only attack those who threaten their person. As Bisclavert is renowned for his loyalty, the very state of wulfen is a safeguard against treachery. In Wulfen form, the futuristic knights are able to resist demonic possession and treachery by the hands of demons. The canine nature of the characters signify the loyalty in their hearts for their king, for both Bisclavert and the Wulfen.

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