Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Animal Experimentation for Science

In this recent article, the argument presents a stance against animal testing in a different light. Besides of the arguments of ethics and morals, it stands on the argument on just plain disobedience. According to the Animal Welfare Act and the conducts of the IACUC, some companies like the one explained in this article, fail to comply to Animal right standards and use harsh actions on animals and fail to describe it. This article gives in detail of the many records the animal facilities avoided, and gave false data in according to the protocols and the actions done to the animals. Some died harmful deaths and were ignored as "pneumonia" or "normal sickness", rather than being stress or unethical pain. Because of the unjust and the simple nature of not following protocols and standards, their license was taken away from the IACUC. Other companies, in which we do not heavily monitor, could be abusing aniimals like these. It is the fact that they don't follow protocols would be enough reason to give animal testing illegal. The author states that these companies do not follow directions, and simply shouldn't be trusted because of their fabricated data. Personally, I believe animal testing is okay but only under animal care and IACUC standards. Not following the rules only would lead to the mistreatment of animals and our other fellow species on whom we should care about on this planet.

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