Friday, May 15, 2015

Fashion Victims


This advertisement is against human cruelty towards animals all over the planet, and depicts animals still living in the wild as targets already seen only for what they could be used as, and only for the sake of humans. This image serves to portray animal mistreatment in a realistic sense that the commodities people don't think twice about are actually causing great damage to our environment and inflicting pain and suffering on the part of animals. The basis upon which this example objects to animal cruelty is most similar to that of Bentham, depicting images that cause the audience to examine the real effects of practices that seem like they are "normal" simply because they have been practiced for so long. These animals who have their own lives independent from human influence are suddenly taken out of context in their point of view as simply only beneficial for their furs, not that they should even exist to be beneficial to humans in the first place. 

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