Friday, May 8, 2015

In this video, an artist wanted to bring awareness about animal experimenting and in this youtube video it was really interesting to see how a human was "tested."  I was able to feel the person's pain because it felt unethical to treat a person so brutally. When I saw a cartoon version of how animals were tested, I still felt horrified because most of these animals were scared and treated harshly. The second video argued that most of time, scientists are experimenting on animals and even though they may have some of the same genes as humans, some chemicals can affect animals in a way that it does not affect humans. The video suggested that often the experiments performed were pointless because the scientist would assume that whatever worked on the animal it would help humans as well. 

Descartes points out that it is okay that animals are tested because they cannot think despite that they have sensation and are living. I do not think that humans have a right to do these tests on animals because even though they cannot talk we are using these innocent creatures for our own benefit and most of the time it is pointless and does not benefit the animals nor the humans. The worst thing is that animals are discarded and are used as a tools.

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