Saturday, May 9, 2015

Avoiding Animal Testing

"Advances in cell-culture technologies are paving the way to the complete elimination of animals from the laboratory"
By  | December 1, 2011

This article explains how scientists are trying to reach a place where there is no animal toxicity testing. Instead, they are trying to convert to human cells instead, and trying to modernize chemical testing. They call this the beginning of the end of animal testing. However, they claim that this new type of testing has its own moral conundrums, and the science behind is not 100% yet. In addition, they explain that animal testing is problematic anyway before the results "may not accurately predict efficacy in humans". 
The article claims that the move away from animal testing is already well underway. It states that since the 70's animal testing has dropped by 50 percent. The presence of animals for science in labs and universities has also decided, especially with mice.
The article did not say much in the way of the rights of animals or the ethics of testing on them; it emphasized more the science behind it, as well as the move away from it toward more scientifically sound and cost efficient ways. 

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