Friday, May 1, 2015


The wolf has been a common symbol in literature, either depicted as strong and loyal to the pack, or cunning and merciless. The werewolf is a similar symbol in many works. In The Twilight Saga, by Stephanie Meyers,  werewolves are depicted as strong and undeniably loyal to their family. They prove themselves as reliable allies to Bella and the Cullens, who are a family of Vampires opposing the Volturi. In this saga, the werewolves act as a cult. Their existence is known to few, even within their own families. This is to protect the new werewolves who begin to transform during their teenage years, and to protect their family and friends who may be put at harm during the transformation periods. In these books the werewolves are depicted as very strong and loyal to their family. But, they are also shown as wild and sometimes cannot control their strength and emotions. For example, one of the young wolves lost his temper and attacked the closest person to him, which happened to be his wife. He never meant to harm her, but he had little control over his outburst. The werewolves in this saga have control over when they want to transform, except for during the beginning stages when they are just learning how to control their strength and emotions.
In Bisclavret, Bisclavret is a noble man with the hidden identity of a werewolf. This is similar to Twilight because he keeps his transformations hidden from his wife, and similarly the werewolves in Twilight keep their transformations hidden from those who are not werewolves themselves. In both of these stories, the transformation is kept secret to protect both the wife/loved ones, as well as those who transform into werewolves. In Bisclavret, his wife finds out his secret and betrays him by sending a knight to retrieve his clothes from the forest causing him to remain a wolf and not come back. Eventually he comes in contact with the king and proves his worthiness. This shows that werewolves in Bisclavret are depicted as worthy and even likable despite their looks. Bisclavret is loyal to the king and the knights except for the knight who helped his wife betray him. This relates to Twilight, because the wolves are loyal and loving to those whom they love, but they will fight those who go against them and they will fight hard.

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