Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Horse Drawn Carriages, Still Inhumane Today


    After reading Black Beauty by Meg Rosoff, I was horrified by the cruelty of the taxi service in the story. My entire life I've found the idea of horse drawn carriages to be whimsically enticing, but now I'm appalled society has kept this horrid practice relevant even today. The horses are made to work for asinine hours every day without proper rest, and it is widely ignored by both onlookers and the participants in this obtuse practice.
    This article that I have linked at the top is an accounting of various instances of abuse related to these taxi services. This practice has continued on far past its expiration date, and it's time for society to move past its sadistic obsession with the past that will never come to pass again. Horses, and all animals for that matter, need to be given equal treatment, and their service as workers should not be taken as a given but as a privilege that should not be abused.

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