Friday, May 8, 2015

European Union's Ban

The article discusses the European Union’s ban on the import and sale of cosmetics with animal-tested ingredients. Other laws already in place banned animal testing of finished cosmetic products and animal-tested ingredients. This ultimate ban will remove any remaining exceptions, though a loophole has been discovered in which companies still could use ingredients from tests on animals as long as the tests were carried out for non-cosmetic products like pharmaceuticals or chemicals. While some companies, such as L’OrĂ©al, were supportive of the move, many others criticized the immediacy of the ban. They complained that there would be complications in the global market, requiring them to market different versions of the same product since China demanded animal testing (though they have since removed this requirement). Descartes would agree with the critics since he does not believe that animals could feel pain, and therefore can be used without concern.

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