Saturday, May 23, 2015

Prompt #6

For your blog posts this week (due May 30), I would like you all to:

1. Choose the primary reading (story or poem) you enjoyed the most.
2. Briefly analyze how it comments on the complex relationship between humans and animals. In your analysis, you can choose to engage with any of the issues we have discussed in lecture or which have been brought up in the readings, such as: the importance of the sympathetic imagination, the ethics of animal testing or of anthropomorphism, or the intersection of speciesism, misogyny, and racism.

You can opt to focus on a specific passage rather than attempting to tackle the entire text if you choose one of the longer ones.

1 comment:

  1. A story or poem I enjoyed the most was Bisclavret. It was a very short and intriguing story, where Marie de France approached her audience in a way that doesn’t make you choose a side, and made you relate to the werewolf. Saying that everyone has an inner beast, maybe you might not show it as often unlike some other people. It depends on how you tame that inner beast inside you. And if you don’t then you can become like the wife of Bisclavret, and make un-rational decisions that can lead to consequence that you might not be prepared for.