Friday, May 1, 2015

Makeup for Animals?

A great amount of makeup companies still continue to test their products on animals. Those makeup companies have been testing on animals for years. The FDA does not have rules against companies testing their cosmetic products on animals. The FDA tells the cosmetic companies just to use an effective method only to look for the safety of the consumer. This article is trying to show that animal testing is inhumane and tries to convince the audience to buy makeup that is not tested on animals. The author gives an example of a cruel test in which the cosmetic companies spray a chemical in the eyes of a rabbit while the rabbit is strapped down unable to move. What justifies cosmetic companies for doing this relates to what Descartes said about how it is not wrong to experiment on animals because they are not intelligent creatures and humans should not feel guilty about it. The author argues that people should not buy makeup that is tested on animals because it is not worth buying if in the process it kills or hurts the animal.

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