Sunday, May 17, 2015

Prompt #5

For your blog posts this week (due May 22), I would like you all to practice the textual analysis strategies we went over in section on Friday. You have two options. You can:

A) Analyze the first translation of "The Panther" (by Cottrell) and contrast it with your reading of the second, which we went over in class. How do the differences in how it is worded/translated affect the poem's overall meaning and impact on the reader? Support with textual evidence.

B) Analyze Hughes' "A Second Glance at a Jaguar." In what ways does this second take on the figure of the jaguar differ from that which we see in "The Jaguar"? What sort of continuities do you see? Support with textual evidence.

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  1. In, “A Second Glance at a Jaguar,” the author describes the suffering that the jaguar is going through and the anger he is going through as well. As stated, “club swinging, trying to grind some square.” As if he were trying to fight it off, the fact that he is now in a cage; when in reality he should be out in the wild. Also his body does be doing most of the work, without any conscious effort, “his body is just the engine shoving it forward.” Almost as if he is not there. However, in the “The Jaguar” it sort of differs from that of the second.
    The jaguar seems to be more enrage, “on a short fierce fuse.” Wait for the moment to get his opportunity to leave. As he does not want to become like the animals already in the other cages who have accepted domestication. He still has the mindset that one day he will be free. Yet the two do share some similarities. Even regardless with a cage they still have the mentality that they are free, even when put behind bars. Their horizon their future.