Friday, May 29, 2015

The Sexual Politics of Meat

This piece continues to be my favorite one time and time again throughout this course because I find it to be so accurate and interesting. I believe that this piece shows the relationship between humans and animals as one where the human is all powerful and dominant and the animal means very little to the human. This text demonstrates not only specieism but racism and sexism as well. The white man is the person in the highest ranking or position in this text. He is the one who hunts for the meat, therefore he gets to be in charge of distributing the meat. All meat goes to the men because they were considered the strongest, and needed the most protein. Then it would be divided between women and children, and then people of other races. The relationship between animals and humans is a simple one where humans use the animals for whatever they need with little thought to how it affects the animals. The relationship between human and human is one where the white man is dominant over every other person no matter gender or race.

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