Friday, May 29, 2015

The Jaguar

My favorite reading from this quarter is without a doubt the first part of the jaguar readings. From start to finish, it entranced me with its diligent use of diction. The first reading about the Jaguar begins in a very apt manner for the subject at hand. I found the descriptions of the lions and other animals to create a vista from which the jaguar would be the focal point of my attention. Beyond the description, the continued use of heat imagery linked to the dejected states of the animals helped to set the tone of the piece very nicely. When it comes to the part actually describing the Jaguar I found the manner in which its unbridled freedom was conveyed to be exceptional. The juxtaposition of his fiery wrath with the placated animals from before truly elucidates the message of the poem. In addition to this juxtaposition, the change in the imagery of fire from being burdening to being the life force inside the Jaguar is exceptionally effective at keeping the raw emotion going. The ending of the poem is both liberating and terribly morose. Overall I found this to be my favorite piece of literature read this year.

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