Saturday, May 30, 2015


The Jaguar is the story I enjoyed reading the most because I learned that these creatures are more than just animals who are enclosed in a zoo or an amusement park. These animals should be liberated or at least treated fairly. Now, when I go to amusement parks, I feel angry that for instance elephants are used for amusements for young kids where the kids are allowed to ride the elephants. Or for instance, when people go to see live animals perform for the amusement of animals. I want to understand when do we draw the boundaries to know when it is right to help these animals. 
The author compares the rest of the animals in the zoo including the apes, the parrots, and the tiger. The author writes that the jaguar is different and is getting the most attention from people because he has fire in his eyes. The jaguar is still mentally free, but the other animals have surrendered to become domesticated and that it is still wild and will not be concord despite that he is trapped. 

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