Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Big Bad Wolf

In the popular comic series 'Fables', the character known as Bigby Wolf is depicted as caring, protective, aggressive and impulsive. Formerly known as The Big Bad Wolf, he has a reputation that makes it difficult for people to trust him. Back when he was The Big Bad Wolf he permanently resided in his wolf form living in the wild and murdering whom he pleased. Through reformation, he became the sheriff of Fabletown and now can freely transform between human and wolf forms. In the comics he is permanently in tune with his animal side and smokes cigarettes constantly to mask the scent of humans. He is also married to Snow White and they have seven cubs...not the ideal family man, but still a good one, willing to do anything for his family. Bigby Wolf is similar to Bisclavret, being that he is one of kind.
In "Bisclavret" the baron as Bisclavret is depicted as gentle and noble, unlike Bigby, but like Bigby is allowed to live amongst humans still in wolf form. The people surrounded by Bisclavret feel secure and trust him, but they fear werewolves. Like Bisclavret, Bigby has qualities that make people feel protected (not just because he is the sheriff), and a handful of people who trust him, but also like werewolves, Bigby has plenty of people who fear him as well. And much like Bisclavret, although people trust and respect him, they still depict him as an animal, especially in wolf form.

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