Monday, April 20, 2015

Gendering of Meat in Burger King Commercial

"I'm A Man" - Burger King

The commercial begins with the man receiving  a small portion of meatless food, which is apparently enough for the woman he is with, but not enough for him which is why he proceeds to get up and leave to get "real" food. On his way out of the restaurant, he grabs what appears to be some sort of vegetable off of the server's plate and proceeds to sing "..and I'm way too hungry to settle for chick food...", implying that he believes vegetables are for women.

He proceeds to make his way to Burger King, where he is joined by many other men, to get a burger. In one of the verses they sing:

                                                       "Oh, yes, I'm a guy! 
                                                  I'll admit I've been fed quiche! 
                                                        Wave tofu bye-bye! 
                                              Now it's for Whopper beef I reach. "

As they are singing this verse, we can see a man disgustedly push away his meal, which appears to be a salad - once again showing that a meatless meal isn't manly. The crowd of men becomes even larger, and all throughout the video you can see signs that say "EAT THIS MEAT" and "I AM MAN".

The video ends with a voice over that says "The cheesy bacon XXL. Eat like a man, man", once again implying that for a male to be considered a man, he must eat meat.

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