Thursday, April 23, 2015

Epic Meal Time: More like Epic MALE Time

The Youtube channel Epic Meal Time is a prime example of meat consumption being culturally related to masculinity. Their video entitled “All Bacon Burger – Epic Meal Time” features many overt allusions to masculinity and its association with meat products. The video series is run by several large, white, bearded men often glaring at the camera with stern faces and this video is no exception. The host, Harley Morenstein, is the most physically intimidating, sports the largest beard and yells at the camera for the duration of the video, echoing masculine themes of strength, aggression, hair growth and dominance.
Most videos center around meat-based foods and this one in particular is composed primarily of close-up shots of hands-on meat preparation, shots of bacon and beef and gratuitous imagery of men eating the enormous bacon burger after its completion. The series’ logo of a skull and two knives, another masculine symbol of violence and aggression, is worn by three of the four men in this episode. This video, and the series at large, is a blatant example of Western culture’s association of white masculinity with meat consumption. A web series centered on preparing and consuming comically unhealthy and enormous meat-based “meals” relies upon the most direct symbols of masculinity.

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