Thursday, April 23, 2015

Prompt #2

For this week's post (due by next Friday), I would like you all to look at contemporary representations of wolves or werewolves in popular media (so movies, tv shows, books, commercials, ads, etc.). Choose one specific example that catches your interest. Analyze the manner in which wolves/werewolves are represented and compare it to their depiction in "Bisclavret." How do you see the manner in which contemporary humans conceptualize their relationship to wolves, and, by extension, other animals, differing from what you see in "Bisclavret"? Are there any similarities? How is the boundary  between animal and human perceived? Has it shifted? Feel free to bring in the Seth article, if it will help you make your argument more effectively.

Two paragraphs minimum for this one. One for analyzing the text you chose, and one for thinking through how it compares to "Bisclavret."

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  1. In the TV show Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey also known as Scott, is bitten by a werewolf and now must face the difficulties that come with it. There is a hierarchy in which the werewolves are classified in. The highest being an Alpha werewolf. The only way to reach that level is by enormous strength of character. A characteristic about this alpha werewolves is that they have the capability to become "hulking wolf-men or fully formed canine wolves." Also having the capability to heel far much quicker, when injured. Yet they live in a world amongst humans, where no one practically knows that you are a werewolf.

    However, in the Bisclavret that is not the same. They see a werewolf as a ferocious beast, that when possessed with madness, kills humans, causes great damage, and that lives in the forest. Nothing to what is now conceptualized about werewolf. Now they appear to have more powers than they did before and now they are able to restrain themselves in trying not to kill humans. It appears to have change the meaning of a true werewolf that on the full moon transform and are enraged with madness. Now the "alfa werewolf" has so much control in allowing other werewolves to transform.