Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Meat Eaters Try Fake Meat 

      In the video, a few participants were tested to see if they could taste difference in "fake" meat. All of the participants agreed that if a food item was not meat it was not good. They had a variety of foods including veggie hot dogs, a Wendy's crispy sandwich, a chicken strip, and a veggie chickin' sandwich. It was interesting to watch that if a male identify something healthy like the chicken strip they did not want to it. One of the males described the chicken strip by stating that it was trying to fool him into believing that it was meat. Another participant stated, "look I am a grown man and this kind of makes me nervous" and refused to eat it.
    When the participants tried the veggie chickin' sandwich, all of them thought it was meat. "It's chicken, it taste like chicken."  The participants agreed that the food had the same texture and had the tasted of meat.It was interesting to see their reactions because most of them were surprised that indeed it was not meat; the participants were disappointed because when they discovered it was not meat. Even after they discovered that it wasn't meat one of the participants stated "I let America down, sorry fellow meat eaters."
     Something that I found interesting was that the guy at the end of the video said that he had let America down because he as the man was supposed to detect meat. Although there were two females in the video, most of the participants were male. I felt that this video targeted a male audience to test men meat eaters.

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