Thursday, April 23, 2015

Salad is Feminine

In the analysis of gender-related discrimination in the food industry, I observed the idea of eating salad is a female idea. I typed in "eating salad" on Google images ( and 80-95% of the pictures of eating salad are women. The objectification that women eat salad parallels with the argument in "The Sexual Politics of Meat" that vegetables and fruit are feminine. There are only a few pictures on Google images that show men eating salad, but is signified as looking feminine or weak. There is also an interesting aspect of women eating salad are happy. It can imply that eating salad makes one happy or satisfies one's appetite on what makes a woman happy on what she can eat. All these things can connect to the gender objectification of food and how it causes the viewpoint that people who eat salad are women and how they cause them to be happier when eating.

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