Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Research study shows vegetarian men are less macho

Research study shows vegetarian men are less macho

In a study done by the University of British Columbia (2010), researchers found that omnivorous and vegetarian participants had perceived vegetarians to have a stronger sense of virtue and morality than meat-eaters. However, men who are vegetarian were also viewed as less masculine than men who do eat meat. This perspective was supported by both vegetarians and women. In this same study, women's "masculinity" rating did not differ based on their dietary status.

I found this article interesting because they pooled in hundreds of participants. It is compelling to acknowledge that men, and not women, were seen to be weak based on if they eat meat or not. I think this is ironic because many can agree that giving up meat as a daily source of food is a hard sacrifice to make. We live in a culture that is heavily carnivorous. So I believe that it takes a lot of strength to to be vegetarian in our current culture. Nevertheless, when it comes to masculinity, society might not define it as an inner strength but associate it as more of an outer strength. When I think of masculinity, I do admit that my first thought goes to the physicality of what a "real" man looks rather than what he do. I think the reason for this is because men who are meat-eaters are often personified as bulkier, rugged, and hunter kinda guy. Therefore, I believe that this issue of meat and sexuality is a problem where we need to redefine a healthier and representative meaning to the word "masculine".

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