Monday, April 27, 2015

Werewolves/Wolves in the Chronicles of Narnia

In the Chronicles of Narnia movies and books, werewolves/wolves were servants to the White Witch. They were seen as one of the darkest creatures inhabiting the mystical realm of Narnia. They were loyal to the White Witch and served in her army and secret police. They were present at the sacrifice of Aslan by the White Witch. They were one of the many species that had the ability to talk in Narnia and they were also intelligent. The wolves resembled wolves as on Earth just a bit bigger and as vicious. The werewolves had stood upright on its hind legs.

In both “Bisclavret” and Narnia, werewolves/wolves are loyal to their masters. In “Bisclavret,” the werewolf knight was loyal to the king; In Narnia, the werewolves were loyal to the White Witch. However, a difference was that the werewolves/wolves in Narnia can speak. In both “Bisclavret” and Narnia, werewolves/wolves were seen as intelligent. In “Bisclavret,” when the knight wolf begged the king for his life and knelt down before him, the king acknowledged that the wolf was an intelligent creature. In the Chronicles Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, when the wolves surrounded the kids at the beavers’ home and found the tunnel they used to escape, I would consider them to be intelligent animals as they were tracking the kid fugitives.

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