Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Prompt #1

For your blog posts this week, I would like you all to respond to the excerpt from Carol Adams' "The Sexual Politics of Meat" you read for today. Adams asserts that meat and meat-eating are associated with masculinity, while vegetarianism is gendered as feminine. Find an example of a commercial, ad, clip, news article, etc. where this gendering of meat/vegetables is made evident, and construct an analysis of it.

As an alternative, you could also respond to Berger's "Why Look at Animals?" by choosing an example of a modern representation of an animal (a picture, a stuffed animal, in a movie, etc.) and analyze the implications of how it is being represented. What does it tell you about how this animal is being perceived and packaged for its human viewers?

These are suggestions, although you do have the option to respond to any of the readings--so long as your post directly takes up the ideas articulated in them.


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    In the video, "If Women's Roles in Ads were Played by Men," the video portrays a male sexualizing food. It showed a clip of a Carl's Jr's commercial that at first showed a provocative female "enjoying" a burger. This ad was targeted towards a male audience and when the male copied the role of the women, it did not appear as appealing. Thus this ad was meant to somehow show that if a male ate the burger from Carls Jr, they will feel more masculine. In contrast, when a male was put in this commercial, it did not feel "right" to purchase burger anymore because it is not sexy.