Monday, April 20, 2015

Only Manly Men Eat Meat

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In the article from Daily Mail, researchers have found out men who eat meat believe they appear more manly than men who do not eat meat. This is because meat is associated with 'manhood, power, and virility'.

Men who choose to eat meat say that meat is too delicious to not eat. This goes back to historic times when men did all the hunting and depended on meaty protein in their diets. In a way, to this current day, they have this natural sense of needing meat.

I was surprised to read that female vegetarians saw men who do not consume any meat to be less manly than those who worship and devour meat on a daily basis. I would assume that women would appreciate the fact that there were men who were manly enough to not eat meat.

There is obviously a divide between men and women and meat consumption. Men are obligated to eat meat in order to portray the image of a manly man. Most men would want to be seen as manly as possible so they might be pressured to eat meat to prove they are not 'wimps'.

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