Monday, June 1, 2015

Second favorite

I think my second favorite story from the Class Reader would have to be "Beavertown". Reading it gives me a sense of animal rights. The beavers were making a dam right in front of Mr. Foley's home causing a flood into his basement. Mr. Foley calls the police complaining, and the policeman shows up and argues, that the beavers are protected, that there's nothing they can do about it. Mr.Foley was astonished and said, "You mean a beaver is more important that a man, than my entire family?" The Policeman simply said that the beavers are not doing it on purpose, that they all have homes and a family to protect just as well as we humans do. Mr. Foley then threatened the beavers claiming he can use a single grenade to get rid of the dam. The policeman said, "After four hundred years of slaughter, we're finally at peace with the beavers,they're happy, we're happy, they're hard working, intelligent, and strong." I feel that this quote is really what hits the home run. The policeman is giving all human traits to the beavers, which imply's that they are just like us and that they deserve the same rights we do.

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