Monday, June 8, 2015

Mad Max and its Tangential Relationship with this Class

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the movie Mad Max in theaters, this is a bit of a sidebar but I suggest everyone reading this goes and sees it because it is truly spectacular, and while watching the movie I couldn't help but connect it to this classes themes, even if only a bit. The setup for Mad Max is pretty simple, Max Rockatansky, the protagonist, gets roped into helping Furiosa and five women she has liberated escape from the man she freed them from, Immortan Joe and his army of crazed War Boys. Without getting too far into the realm of spoilers, the relation this movie shares with the themes of this class has to do with its clear feminist underpinnings running throughout the course of the movie. The world has been destroyed, there is not clear reason as to how it happened but the course of human history leading up to this future is not too difficult to figure out on your own. The movie has a question repeated throughout it, "Who broke the world?" which is delivered in an almost indicting tone toward the antagonist of Immortan Joe. Its suggestion is that Joe, who represents the patriarchy of modern society along with its class based system, is the symbol of who is responsible for this future. It is worth noting that not once in the two hour plus movie was an animal shown. They are gone along with the grass and the trees and the water. This running theme of getting away from the patriarchy, and escaping this possible future, I felt very closely relates to this course and its themes of liberating society, and animals, and for equality among all creatures of the Earth.

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