Monday, June 1, 2015

Favorite From the Class Reader

It seems that my favorite from the beginning of the quarter is a pretty popular one, The Crane Wife. I even chose to write my first essay about it, and had a few family members read it because I liked it so much. I am not sure why I liked it s much, maybe because there was a twist with the wife being the crane? Anyways, I feel as though it connects with this class in a few different ways. 1) I remember a while back we talked a lot about the relationship between women and animals. How they seem to be closer to one another than man and animals. Using Adam and Eve as an example, Adam was created first and then Eve and  animals were created second. The wife in "The Crane Wife" is in fact an animal, a crane to be exact. Therefore a very strong bond between woman and animal. The second topic I feel that this story touches on is animal labor. I know this may seem far fetched but think about it. The husband continuously asked his wife to make sails for him even though it almost killed her, pushing her to her limit she ran away. The wife even warned him, "Do not ask this of me, husband, You ask me to give all of myself." We all know that humans push animals to their limit and many of them end up dead. Whether its lab testing, or needing donkeys for agriculture.

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